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Stop Spam Using A Honeypot

A "honeypot" is a way to lure spambots into identifying themselves so you can safely ignore and forms they submit.

Honeypot fields are hidden form fields that a human user won’t see, so a form submitted with a completed honeypot field can be safely rejected because only a bot would see and complete the field.

A honeypot is the most basic method of identifying spam. It's only really useful for lower volume websites, but it's super-simple to implement.

To enable StaticForms to filter spam you need to add a hidden input field to your form:

<input name="website" type="hidden" style="display:none" />

...and tell StaticForms which field it is:


We recommend you use a name which might be a real field on a form, as spam bots are often smart enough to avoid completing a field with an obvious name for a honeypot (e.g. "honeypot").

When StaticForms receives a submission with a value in this field it marks the submission as spam. No notifications are sent for spam submissions, but they can be viewed on the Form Submissions page on the Spam tab.